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Qest Japan QJ-C203mv-ver1.3 R32 Skyline Coupe Tail Lights !!SPECIAL ORDER!!

Sold out
!!Important Note!!

Please contact Us for Direct Pricing Due to many options Offered as each light is tailor made to customer's specifications, Pricing can vary depending on availability and Exchange Rate.

Product features

・ Full LED tail lamp processed Using genuine OEM tail lamp

・ Direct plug and Play Installation Using OEM Wiring Harness

・ Precision and accurate CNC Machining LED Boards

・ Correct Circuit Adjustment on LED Board to allow OEM Flashing Rate.

Purchase options:

Direct Trade in: If stock is available, Buyers can do a direct trade of their existing OEM lights

In house Production: The Cheapest Method, Buyer will require to send in their Lights to be put into production, Once it's completed, Lights will be packaged and sent back with tracking number.

Direct Purchase: Buying Brand new Lights (the most expensive option)


All Installation and removal must be carried out by a qualified professional



Sold Out